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Why Join The Team?

We believe that experienced agents deserve to keep more of their hard earned commission. Now that you've closed more sales, does your agency still deserve 20%-50% of your commission? We don't think so! Here's why!


At Hearth and Key Realty you no longer need to pay for a paper and pen process. We offer an online document retention system and CRM system that saves all of us time and money.


Your experience has made you an asset and you should be rewarded by keeping more of your commission. The more you learn the more you earn at Hearth and Key.

Sales Volume

You should have a cap on what your brokerage needs from you. The more sales you do, the more money you keep. This is what we practice and believe at Hearth and Key.

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How do we compare?

Below is the comparison of what average companies take from your commission check

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Let's learn how you can join Hearth and Key by filling out the information below. Please include in the comments how many years you've been in the business and how many closings you have had in the last 12 months.